HAKONECTION is a project to produce 32 pieces of BGM for railways and tourist facilities in the Hakone area with sound. The music is mainly used inside ODAKYU ROMANCECAR, Hakone Tozan Railway and Hakone Pirate Ship and as well as at major stations in the Hakone area such as Hakone-Yumoto, Owakudani and Togendai. The music was composed by Harumi Fuki, who is known for her work on NHK's drama serials, under the concept of "connect" - connecting Hakone's scenery and memories through sound.The melody was inspired by the history and folklore of Hakone, as well as the ups and downs and the flow of people. The station's BGM is arranged to match the images of morning, noon and night, and the music changes as time passes. The goal was to provide BGM that would accompany the historic atmosphere of Hakone and enhance the memories of the trip.

Music:Harumi Fuki
Location:Hakone area, Kanagawa, Japan
Client:Odakyu Hakone Holdings Inc.
Cooperative:Sony Creative Center
Concept/ Produce

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