MEDICITY Imaginative Forest



This is a permanent installation in the MEDICITY medical complex in front of Kawagoe Station. The theme of the work was a slightly mysterious forest in homage to the Musashino forest, based on the concept of "a space that relaxing you and makes you want to revisit there". For patients visiting a medical institution, every time they see the furnishings on site, they often relate to the painful feelings of illness and treatment.

In addition, by using sensing technology to interactively produce the phenomena that occur when people get close, the forest and people become a once-in-a-lifetime encounter itself. We aimed to create a space where people can experience a different scene each time they visit and feel positive about medical care. Also as a new way of being a medical institution, aimed to have it be used as a mechanism to encourage not only people with diseases but also "ahead sick" people to casually visit.

Locaton:U_Place MEDICITY, Kawagoe, Japan
Client:INTRON Inc.
Concept/ Produce/ Art Direction/ Music/ Lighting

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